Monday, June 29, 2009

Farrah Forever

June 29, 2009 PM

Tomorrow is Farrah’s funeral. A sentence I was hoping I wouldn’t ever have to write or consider. I have admired her since I was ten years old and she debuted on Charlie’s Angels. What an impact Fawcett had on so many. She wasn’t just a Texas beauty with the thousand watt smile, she was this athletic, strong and independent woman who strived to seek out and achieve what she determined was what she wanted. She went on to prove herself as an actress, garnered six Golden Globe Nominations and multiple Emmy nominations. She was a mother and artist and, more importantly a friend to those she knew and loved. She surpassed what was expected and predicated for her. Forever remembered as the girl in the red swim suit, the former’s Charlie’s Angels star was so much more. As Ryan O’Neal said to Meredith Vieria, “You loved her for all the right reasons.” She was and is an ICON of the seventies. But her career spanned four decades. She was twenty-nine years old (old in Hollywood standards today) when the unblinking eye of a camera catapulted her to stardom before there was internet or cell phones or even VCRs. She had the kind of media blitz unparalleled by even today’s standards. She was an American beauty with a name as original and beautiful as she was. So, as she is laid to rest, remember her fight, the awareness she brought towards Anal Cancer, the removal of the stigma attached to it, and the frailty of life. Farrah said it best in several ways, first her greatest desire was simply to go on living and second, “What are you fighting for?”

Steve McKinnis

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  1. Dear Steve,
    That was really heartfelt,I too share your thoughts on this great person,I guess we are some of those who truly see her for what she was a happy,smart and kind individual.I don't need anyone to tell me that cause what you see is what you get.I envy those who are close to her for having shared her life and all its struggles and successes.But in my own distant way I have loved her since I was 11 years old the moment Charlie's Angels first aired in the Philippines.How I wished then that I was an American so I could have had the chance even to glimps her or attend her movie screenings.She is a part of my whole life, growing up in the 70's up to now that I am 47 and she will live on in my memories for as long as I breathe,Farrah has made my past years a joy to remember and wishing that we could go back to it for it had been a wonderful time.She truly is a ray of sunlight, a bouquet of colorful flowers and now an angel in heaven,happy she is past all pain and suffering.I will miss her terribly and I hope Mr. Steve you will not shut down this website for I will always love to visit it and it will keep the memory of Farrah forever...elmer encinas


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