Thursday, February 18, 2010

Remembering Farrah this month

Although February is almost over, I never quite lose site of the fact it is the birth month of Farrah Fawcett. The original GOLDEN GIRL, Farrah was the “IT” girl before internet existed. Before hair extensions and plastic surgery was the norm, Fawcett was the All-American girl straight from Texas. Her thousand watt smile graced dorm rooms and adolescent boys and girls idolized her. Her fame was world renowned and the beautiful girl from small town Corpus Christi shot to the kind of fame publicists and Hollywood agents strive for their own clients today through media blitz tours and press releases and interview junkets. Fawcett was famous without the internet. It didn’t exist yet. VCR’s weren’t around either. She was the all natural beauty who defied the laws of gravity and she was the cover girl for everything from shampoo to a necklace, aptly called “the faucet.” Fawcett went on to prove herself a savvy business woman. She was more than the smile and hair in the poster and those closest to her knew she was smarter than most gave her credit for. Fawcett fought a valiant battle in the end. The unfortunate media onslaught and feuding hasn’t stopped, even though Fawcett is physically not with us. Her image and her famous smile will be an American Icon long after those who knew her and remember her as one of the three original Charlie’s Angels have gone on after her.

Fawcett graces one of two screens on my site this month.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Entertainment Tonight Remembering Fawcett on YouTUBE

This is a pretty good series of interviews with Fawcett over the years with Entertainment Tonight.

Monday, February 15, 2010

February Web Site Fronts Featuring Farrah

here are some site fronts that will be on-line this month... as well as some TWEET backgrounds...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Farrah's 2006 note to me...

I'd sent Farrah a copy of her book with Keith Edmier "Recasting Pygmalion" with a letter. I don't remember everything I wrote but I do remember telling her that true artists are seldom appreciated during their lifetime and that I have admired her strong body of work for years. Anyway, she sent back the book, signed with the message above along with this photo. I'd been looking for the scan I took and finally found it...

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Page on

Alain Lustig has written sixteen original songs in dedication to Farrah. He pledges to donate part of the monies spent on the music to the American Cancer Society. There are more details on his website Farrah On My Mind ( as well as an interview with Mike Pingel on his site Charlie's This is a real testament to what a "fan" can do when they put their feelings to paper and words to music. It's certainly a step towards the positivity that Farrah wanted all of us to reach for.
You can access Alain's sampling of songs on the front of or by clicking this direct page link! Enjoy!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Farrah Fawcett Foundation Logo

No copyright infringement intended... beautifully done logo for the foundation above...

I've been looking over the new site for the foundation. Overall, I love the color choices, the symmetry and the flow of the site in it's beginning stages. I loathe "coming soon" or "under construction." I think Alana, because I think she is making the choices here, has parlayed Farrah's tastes (and that's one hundred percent presumption on my part) into a very nicely branded and tasteful design. I absolutely love the logo. It's a combination of angel wings (very appropriate) and shaped as a heart, though not quite connected. The curved lines going outwards convey movement... which is also inspiring and a great touch...

The underlying tone could be a heart/wing in conflict or trouble. Or fighting, the 'fight the fight' of cancer or other battles that the foundation is laying the ground work to assist in the battle there of.

There are some fundamental code omissions, but the site, is still being built. I won't comment on those but suffice is to say it's a great start and I for one, hope it's a huge success and helps make Farrah's passing and her own mantra "positivity is necessity" possible.

There has been so much press and so much negativity after Fawcett's passing that I've found myself battling with what should be posted here and what shouldn't. The bottom line is Fawcett was a force as an actor/actress and it's unfortunate that so many would malign her image with the negative instead of focusing on the good that can come from what she wanted and her message, "What are you fighting for?"

Couldn't that statement be applied to much of what is going on now?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Announcement of Foundation and website

Alana Stewart was on Extra to remember Farrah's birthday and announce the launch of the foundation's website. Along with Stewart, the Advisory Board consists of Dr. Lawrence Piro, Dr. Ursula Jacob and Marianne Williamson. The Board Members are: Alana Stewart, President, Bernie Francis, Chairman of the Board/Treasurer, Shira Nachshon, Secretary and Kim Swartz, Director.

Stewart's statement on the site:
"It is my goal and commitment to carry out Farrah's wishes to the best of my ability. We spoke many times about the foundation and her vision for it, and hopefully I will be able to help that vision come to fruition, by aiding alternative research projects, and perhaps one day, find a cure for this dreadful disease."

The mission statement on the front of the site is titled, “Compassion Fills the Heart,” and states, “The Farrah Fawcett Foundation’s mission is to provide funding for alternative methods of cancer research, clinical trials, prevention, and awareness with an emphasis on anal and pediatric cancers. It is our compassion for those who suffer from this insidious disease that fuels our deep commitment and fills our hearts.”

The Foundation's Website address is:

The extra story link is below. Often times these links do not stay active long...

The Extra Story

Monday, February 1, 2010

Farrah Remembered

Remember Farrah today (Feb. 2nd), it's her birthday. Take a moment and just say a little prayer for all those fighting the fight against Cancer.