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The Farrah Fawcett Foundation and Orchids

Orchids are helping charitable organizations
Posted: Friday, December 25, 2015 12:15 am
By Arthur Chadwick Special Correspondent

Charitable organizations have long used orchids in their fundraising events.

Partygoers bid on lavish, silent-auction items that can fetch upward of $500 each. Fancy bowls filled with blooming plants, a personal house call from a horticulture expert and a one year membership in the Orchid of the Month club all generate attention.

Live auctions can get frenzied as bidders vie for bigger ticket items such as a set of century-old botanical prints, an established orchid collection or the rights to name a new hybrid. Even the seated dinner guests can participate by purchasing the flowering centerpieces that adorn the banquet tables. Orchids add a glamorous element to any function and help to generate revenue for the charity.

Alana Stewart
Recently, a Beverly Hills, Calif., nonprofit came up with an innovative approach that incorporates orchids into their annual fundraiser. The Farrah Fawcett Foundation, whose mission is “to provide funding for cutting edge cancer research, prevention, and treatment,” unveiled a special cattleya at its “Stand Up 2 Cancer” Tex/Mex Fiesta. The delicate pinky lavender hybrid was named after the organization’s late founder, actress and model Farrah Fawcett.

Attendees of the event included many of the big names in Hollywood who were Fawcett’s peers, including Ryan O’Neal, George Hamilton, and Cheryl Tiegs. The event honored Fawcett’s co-star on the TV show “Charlie’s Angels,” Jaclyn Smith, and the lively music was provided by Lyle Lovett, a Grammy winner.

Jaclyn Smith
A large photograph of the flower was displayed alongside a caption explaining the history of the hybrid. The foundation had worked closely with a grower to get the right color and style. The breeding lineage was all pedigree and the plants took seven years to bloom from seed. The colors were variable and feminine — ranging from blush to pale pink to rose. Keith Edmier, a well-known artist and sculpture, created a sculpture of the flower which was auctioned at the event.

The event raised $500,000. After it was over, the foundation thanked many donors and supporters by giving them their own Farrah orchid — a keepsake to remember the evening.

But it was more than a keepsake.

The special hybrid, Brassolaeliocattleya Farrah Fawcett (C Bold Swan x Blc Goldenzelle), was an exclusive orchid. There were only a few dozen produced and they were all given away to people who care about Fawcett and her cause.

Those lucky orchid recipients will rejoice in the legacy and spirit of Farrah Fawcett every year when the lovely blossoms open. For more information see,
Arthur Chadwick is president of Chadwick & Son Orchids Inc. You may send questions to 1240 Dorset Road, Powhatan, Va. 23139, (804) 598-7560 or by email at Previous columns are on his website,


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'Twas the Night before Christmas

And all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, 
not even a mouse.

When up from the chimney,
above Farrah's ear,
she heard a light stepping...
Santa was near!

She arose from her bed
careful to step
lightly on tile
standing erect

She snuck down the staircase
seeing a light
a bear in a sack
and Santa in sight

She turned quickly back
and scurried to bed
Hoping that Santa
heard nothing, she'd sped

back to her slumber
quite quickly she slept
and Santa did finish
and off he did step

On Dasher and Dancer
On Donner and Blitzen
for many more stops
Santa's on his great mission.

Happy Holidays

From FarrahF on FLICKR

Repainted Farrah Fawcett by artist NOEL CRUZ

Regent Mansion by Ken Haseltine
Ken also customized and created the furnishings and Christmas Tree

Elizabeth Banks to direct Charlie's Angels

After recruiting Elizabeth Banks to direct and co-produce the big screen reboot of “Charlie’s Angels,” Sony Pictures has found a screenwriter for the film. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that screenwriter Evan Spiliotopoulos has joined the project.

Spiliotopoulos previously worked on the script for 2014’s “Hercules,” which starred Dwayne Johnson. He’s kept busy since then, turning in screenplays for both 2016’s “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” and Disney’s live-action “Beauty and the Beast,” which arrives in 2017.

The film is based on the 1970s television crime drama about three police academy graduates who, dissatisfied with their assignments as a meter maid, office worker and crossing guard, are recruited to work as private investigators for the mysterious Charlie Townsend — or rather, just the voice of Charlie Townsend.

Banks, who made her directorial debut with “Pitch Perfect 2,” spoke about how thepremise of the series remains relevant today. “The original ethos of women who graduated from the police academy, and then were given the jobs of crossing guard and meter maid, I feel like that’s still very real in the world right now.”

The reboot will mark the franchise’s latest return since the original series’ end in 1981. Two feature films were produced in 2000 and 2003, and a short-lived TV series aired in 2011.


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he Farrah Fawcett Foundation's proceeds are dedicated to providing funding for cutting edge cancer research, support and awareness.

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he Farrah Fawcett Foundation's proceeds are dedicated to providing funding for cutting edge cancer research, support and awareness.

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Farrah Fawcett are by Olivier Coulon.

Olivier Coulon is a Paris based artist that works with the most renowned French singers and entertainers. These beautiful illustrations of Farrah Fawcett are by Coulon. Visit him on facebook or his instagram account to see more of his amazing work.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Remembering David Doyle as John Bosley

David Doyle
Remembering David Doyle as John Bosley 

As a Character Actor David Doyle brought enthusiasm and relatability to a little TV Series on ABC in 1976 called “Charlie’s Angels.” As Bosley, Doyle was often called upon to navigate the opening sequence of case exposition (answer Charlie’s phone call and putting it on the speaker while the Angels watched a Slide Show presentation of the suspects involved) and would often pose as a comedic decoy. He portrayed an old Swamp Grandpa in the pilot episode and several other notable creations, such as a Rich Horse connoisseur shopping for his sweetheart Jenny-Lou. A series that created an international sensation out of Farrah Fawcett (then the famously hyphened other half of Lee Majors) and boosted the already recognized Kate Jackson and introduced another TV Beauty Jaclyn Smith making richer men out of Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg.

The series did not land on a cloud of praise from Critics. Dubbed, “Jiggle TV” and exploitative it seems tame watching it now on iTunes or DVD. A show that brought uproar from parents and women’s group over three females running throughout Los Angeles without wearing bras. Indeed by today’s TV standards that point would be a solid Rated G. But before DVR and VCR’s existed (Remember VHS and Beta?) this little show that ABC thought was a “flash in the pan” made ratings and superstars out of its heroines.
BUT back to Doyle.

Doyle was quoted as saying upon reflection of his work on Angels that he was grateful. It put his kids through college and it was a steady job. The goal of any working Actor: working. Doyle brought warmth, humor and a deep commitment to dialogue that wasn’t Shakespeare worthy but definitely entertainment worthwhile. The often unsung actor who made the every-man the center of a trio of unearthly beauties was often overlooked in reunions and reunion specials and even special remembrances, such as “where are they now,” but he continued to work, and like Jaclyn Smith, stayed the entire run of the series with no less energy and comedic ability than that very first episode.

Doyle passed away in March of 1997, having last worked as a voice actor on the series “Rug Rats” Doyle left an indelible mark on celluloid. This veteran actor who appeared on Broadway and film, in addition to television, brought much to this under-appreciated role and in the test of time, the series, albeit not very controversial by today’s standards still is enjoyable to watch and enjoy. Isn’t the true test of entertainment? The test of time and endurance. 

Doyle brought soul to the Angelic Heaven called “Charlie’s Angels.” 

Photos of Doyle and as repainted by Noel Cruz of along with other repainted and restyled Angels also by Cruz.


Doyle’s Obituary in the LA Times:

David on Wikipedia:

ET EXCLUSIVE: Jaclyn Smith Continues Farrah Fawcett's Legacy by Paying It Forward for Cancer Patients

Jaclyn Smith opened up to ET about how she pays homage to her late Charlie's Angels co-star, Farrah Fawcett, by continuing her legacy of goodwill. "I think she wanted to leave behind a legacy," the 69-year-old actress told ET. "It's wonderful to have watched her never give up." 
Smith, Jackson and Fawcett-Majors in 1976

Smith has been active with the Farrah Fawcett Foundation since the actress died of cancer six years ago. According to the website, the foundation's mission is to "provide funding for cutting edge cancer research, prevention and to help those struggling with cancer today." WATCH: Farrah Fawcett's Never Before Seen Home Videos 

The mission is fitting for Smith, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. Last month, Smith attended the Farrah Fawcett Foundation Presents First Annual Tex-Mex Fiesta Benefitting Stand Up to Cancer in Los Angeles, where she was honored with a Shining Star award. In addition to her work with the Farrah Fawcett Foundation, Smith has also teamed up with famed hair stylist Jose Eber and the City of Hope to provide wigs for cancer patients. "Men can shave their head and look cool and modern and trendy, but a woman really has to have a sense of self to be able to carry that off," Smith said. "You have to have these added enhancements to bring you back up."

ET! Post Here

Farrah Fawcett Foundation

You can also 

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Olivia as Farrah Fawcett

As featured on refinery29... We've already had an offensive costume controversy and a major ghost sighting, this week. Meaning, Halloween is upon us. And, in case a sexy nurse or cocktail-dress cat isn't quite your speed, you'll probably want to start thinking about And we highly recommend involving some makeup in that process.

Noel Cruz's Fawcett Skateboarding on flickr
For inspiration, World of Wonder and Refinery29 Originals asked 2012 Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo to put herself in the hands of super-capable makeup artist, Sutan Amrull to undergo a pretty breathtaking transformation — into '70s style icon (and Charlie's Angel), Farrah Fawcett. It's pretty incredible. Watch and learn right here. ‪#‎TBT‬

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Dick Van Patten friend to Fawcett

Center: Dick Van Patten, Betty Buckley with Eight Is Enough Cast: Susan Richardson, Connie Nedham, Grant Goodeve, Dianne Kay, Willie Aames and Adam Rich.
Actor Dick Van Patten was a long time friend of Fawcett's. Here is his obituary from

(CNN)Dick Van Patten, the seemingly ubiquitous actor perhaps best known for his starring role as the father on the 1970s series "Eight Is Enough," has died. He was 86. Budd Burton Moss, Van Patten's longtime agent, confirmed his death. "He had been ill for a long time," Moss said. The actor died Tuesday morning at a Santa Monica, California, hospital, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Van Patten, a former child actor, was a familiar face on movie and TV screens for decades, going back to the late '40s show "Mama," based on the play and movie "I Remember Mama."
The Van Patten's at the five year anniversary
of the Farrah Fawcett Foundation.
He was a frequent guest star and occasional regular, appearing on shows ranging from the police drama "Naked City" to the sitcom "I Dream of Jeannie" to the comedy anthology "Love, American Style." He appeared in three Mel Brooks movies, many commercials, had dozens of character roles and acted in such films as "Charly" (1968) and "Westworld" (1973) -- not to mention several Broadway plays.
"I've probably had more jobs than any other actor living," he told a Los Angeles site, The Pet Press, in 2006. (He was also a pet food mogul, having founded Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods.) But he probably had his biggest fame with "Eight Is Enough" in which he played Tom Bradford, a Sacramento, California, newspaper columnist with eight children. The series was based on a book by Thomas Braden, a journalist and political activist who later hosted the first iteration of CNN's "Crossfire."
Though the series kept little of Braden's life, his demeanor and love for his children resonated with Van Patten. "Tom Bradford was very much like me," he told the Academy of American Television. "His family came first. His career was second. It was the same with me."
Van Patten and his wife, Pat, had three sons, Nels, James and Vincent, all of whom went into acting. His sister, Joyce Van Patten, is also an actress, and his half-brother, Timothy, is a famed director who has overseen episodes of "The Sopranos" and "Boardwalk Empire."
"Eight Is Enough" ran for four seasons, from 1977 to 1981. During its run, Van Patten was also an occasional guest on "The Love Boat."
Director Mel Brooks was fond of Van Patten, who appeared in three Brooks film comedies: "High Anxiety" (1979), "Spaceballs" (1987) and "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" (1993). That was his second appearance in a Brooks-led Robin Hood project: He'd played Friar Tuck in Brooks' short-lived Robin Hood TV series, "When Things Were Rotten."
"It's great. It's like a game," he said on working with Brooks. "It's not like work. He keeps you laughing the whole day on the set."
Van Patten published a memoir, "Eighty Is Not Enough," in 2009.


Remember this June 1977 cover and story/article about Farrah Fawcett-Majors? THE FARRAH FACTOR was the Ladies Home Journal survey on why girls wanted to grow up toe be like Farrah! For more on Farrah visit

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Farrah Version 2.0 repainted and restyled by Cruz featured in Article.

Noel Cruz of repainted this Black Label Farrah Fawcett Barbie for as featured in the article about Fawcett and other's trying to repeat her stardom...


Farrah Fawcett is an Hollywood icon who even several years after her death is still a topic of conversation among some entertainment observers. Recently a question discussed among some entertainment observers and television viewers was whether there will be another actress whose modeling photo propelled her to fame and fortune similar to the way Farrah Fawcett's picture in a red swimsuit made her an American male fantasy. 

There have been numerous models in various magazines since her iconic 1976 red swimsuit model shoot who have achieved notoriety from their swimsuit modeling photos but there are still very few swimsuit photos from actresses that resonate over time in the minds of entertainment fans, particularly men, similar to the impact of Farrah Fawcett's photo. 

When her name is mentioned in conversations there is almost immediate recognition from millions of American men who remember her from the red swimsuit poster that used to have a 'privileged' spot in their bedrooms or on the walls of numerous car repair shops. Women remember her as being the ideal that they were often compared to whether it be her exceptional body or her blonde hair and nice smile. 

Many actresses such as Pamela Anderson have tried to duplicate the success of Farrah Fawcett but there has arguably been no actress whose modeling photo has propelled her to fame and fortune similar to Farrah Fawcett's red one-piece swimsuit photo. Halle Berry was already a star when she made her sensational appearance in the orange bikini in the James Bond movie 'Die Another Day' andPamela Anderson's Playboy photos made her famous but are not 'iconic' in the manner of Farrah Fawcett's swimsuit photo because the swimsuit photo of the Charlie's Angels star is attractive and ironically, PG-13 safe. 

Her iconic status as a sex symbol that emerged from her red one-piece swimsuit photo might never be duplicated but it does provide an example of how an actress/model can grab the attention of entertainment fans with the 'right' photo. Her swimsuit photo did not show an abundance of 'skin' but what it did do was make men intrigued and wanting to see more. It also provided a lesson that still applies in 2015: sometimes the most appealing photos are those that leave a little something to the imagination because that is what keeps viewers coming back for more.