Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fawcett's Family Remembers

Farrah Fawcett's family marks the first anniversary of her death and discuss how they are coping with their loss.
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Fawcett Foundation to open its doors

Alana Stewart, longtime Farrah Fawcett pal, finds it hard to talk about the star without getting emotional. "I'll get very teary and miss her, but I feel her spirit is so strong, I feel like she went to a place where she's free, she's happy, and I feel she's looking over all of us."
She tells Entertainment Tonight that she thinks a big part of the star's legacy will be the Farrah Fawcett Foundation. Farrah created it several years ago, but was too busy battling cancer to devote much time to it. Now, says Stewart, "we're officially opening the offices on Friday, the one-year anniversary of her passing. I think it's very fitting. I think it's what she would have wanted."

The mission of the Farrah Fawcett Foundation is to provide funding for alternative methods of cancer research, clinical trials, prevention and awareness.
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ABC Photos of Fawcett tribute

Actress Farrah Fawcett embodied an American icon through her simple charm. Millions of women emulated her "winged" hairstyle made famous in the television series "Charlie's Angels." She began her career with appearances in commercials, best known for her Wella Balsam shampoo ads. Fawcett's first breakthrough performances on television included roles in "I Dream of Jeannie" (1965) and "The Partridge Family" (1970). The Texas native was nominated for six Golden Globe awards and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1995. She has one son, Redmond O'Neal, with longtime companion and actor Ryan O'Neal. Although O'Neal and Fawcett ended their relationship in 1997, he remained by her side throughout her battle with cancer.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

UCLA Fined for FAWCETT Leak

Fawcett kept quiet to find the source of the leak
(photo from Comedy Roast of William Shatner)

UCLA is fined $95,000 for violating patient privacy

By Molly Hennessy-Fiske
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
Updated: 4:9 AM 6/10/2010
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center has been fined $95,000 by state officials for failing to prevent unauthorized employees from accessing patient information, the latest in a series of privacy breaches at the prestigious hospital that has struggled to protect the medical information of its celebrity patients.

The fine, one of five privacy-related penalties announced by the state Thursday, is tied to multiple violations of the same patient's records and led to the firing of two employees. Two other people who accessed the patient's information were contracted by a firm that works at the hospital, UCLA officials said.

The breaches began June 30 of last year, five days after the deaths of Michael Jackson, who died at the hospital, and Farrah Fawcett, a former patient who had previously had her UCLA medical files breached. The state report identified the person whose records were improperly viewed as a "deceased patient."

UCLA spokeswoman Dale Tate declined to identify the patient involved or whether the patient was a celebrity.

In a statement, UCLA officials said they had made a "determined effort to train and test ... employees on patient privacy laws and implemented a wide range of safeguards to ensure patient confidentiality" over the last three years.

"We are proud of the progress we have made," the statement said, noting that UCLA officials reported the breaches to the state once they learned of the problems. "However, the UCLA Health System continues its commitment to seek ways to improve and enhance our policies, procedures and infrastructures to ensure the confidentiality of our patients' medical records."

The hospital reported the first breach to the state Aug 5, after a medical school employee and an employee in the Department of Pathology and Medical Support Services were found to have accessed the patient's records two days before. The medical school employee had even printed labels for laboratory tests that had been performed on the patient, according to the report.

Neither had any reason to access the records, the report said.

On Sept. 7, hospital officials reported that they had discovered a second breach of the same patient's records by two additional employees, both contract workers with the hospital's pathology billing service, according to the report. One accessed the patient's records on June 30 and July 9, the other only on July 9, the hospital reported.
In an interview with state investigators, hospital staff said they had spoken with the contract employees after the breach was discovered and that they "admitted inappropriate access, they were curious."

The fines issued Thursday came under a state law enacted in 2008 after widely publicized violations of patient privacy at UCLA involving Fawcett, singer Britney Spears, California First Lady Maria Shriver and other celebrities.

The issue of unauthorized people looking at the electronic records of celebrities has vexed the state. In 2009, California health regulators issued the first penalty under the privacy law, fining Kaiser Permanente's Bellflower hospital $437,500 for failing to prevent employees from snooping in the medical records of Nadya Suleman after she gave birth to octuplets.

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Fourth Spot Goes To Fawcett

First: In a poll conducted recently to determine the sexiest swimsuit celluloid moment, sex siren Ursula Andress has bagged the trophy for her eyeball grabbing bikini appearance in the 1962 sleuth film ‘Dr. No’.

The sublime moment when she emerges out from the pristine waters draped in the delicious white two piece still brings water in the mouths of the male oglers.

Second: Following Ursula close at heels is Raquel Welch who scorched the screen red hot in her animal skin bikini in the 1966 flick ‘One Million Years B.C.’

Third: Grabbing the 3rd spot is the fiery gold swimsuit of Bo Derek from the 1979 comic caper 10.

Fourth: Charlie’s Angels star Farrah Fawcett landed in the fourth rung for her blood red swim suit from a teaser poster.

Fifth: Seems like the iconic James Bond films rule the world of bikini bombs as another two piece bombshell from this Ian Fleming’s fictional world. Oscar winning actress Halle Berry who donned an eye catching orange bikini in 2002 rounded off the top 5. Halle, as you all must fairly remember, triggered everyone’s fancy including Pierce Brosnan’s in Die Another Day.

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