Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Her Life In Pictures Via People Grade: D

A blurry and vapid quick print.

People Magazine’s Tribute to Farrah, “Remembering Farrah Her Life in Pictures” is disappointingly vapid and of poor quality. Many images, such as her famous poster, are bitmapped, blurry and fuzzy and the contrast is off. When I was in Los Angeles last week I looked and looked for this edition. When I got back to San Diego I ordered it on EBay after scouring most of San Diego, for twice the sticker price. But today, I stopped in at the magazine stand on the way to the gym and asked if they were going to get any in. To my surprise, they had four. It’s a fluff piece and not very well put together. I’m hoping someone will take the time and do the research and put something more appropriate and certainly of a better quality than what I see here. I’m really disappointed. For a woman who was one of the most photographed women of her time it’s mostly stock images and images you can find on any Google search. She graced the covers of People magazine many times, I expected more. If I was grading this, I’d have to give it a D. I’ve always said, “Rush it, flush it.” This is a great example of hurrying to get something out but not being careful about what is generated. There really is no excuse for the sloppy and blurry images along with the bad adjustments made to the contrast and hue saturation. Farrah deserved a better tribute. I expected more from a Publisher that brags about their prowess as a leader in the entertainment industry and how selective they are about their cover model selection. BAD JOB People. You blew it.


  1. I Agree totally with Steve - Dave - kansas city missouri !

  2. Dear Steve,
    Wasn't this the same publication whose editor said that only if Farrrah died would they put her on the cover?
    Well there it is this publication is riding on Farrah's death and stealing money by printing random pictures without caring at all,Farrah was a great person and even though I would love to buy this so called tribute if I could afford it, I think I won't cause I would just be feeding these sharks at the expence of our dear Farrah. What I will do and have been dreaming of is make my own tribute of her by printing a lot of her pictures which you have unselfishly shared with us and make it realy personal so I can read and pass through my self made picture book whenever I feel lonely and just reminisce about her and her great beauty, contributions and courage, the book will just be mine to view cause with her I can be sometimes selfish and I really have so much respect and regards towards her. People Magazine sucks and I hope those who truly love and adore her would see through this money scheme and not buy this edition. Please don't stop writing about Farrah for she is not truly gone for she lives in our hearts and minds forever...elmer encinas (Philippines)


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