Thursday, July 16, 2009

Farrah Fawcett receives one last Emmy nomination... for her cancer-battle documentary

By Lizzie Smith
Last updated at 5:26 PM on 16th July 2009

Nominees for the prestigious Emmy Awards were announced today, but for one it was too late to join the celebrations. Farrah Fawcett died of cancer three weeks ago, but her documentary charting her battle against the disease has been nominated in the nonfiction special category. 'It's very bittersweet. Farrah passed away three weeks ago today,' said Alana Stewart, who helped film her longtime friend for Farrah's Story. 'I know that she would be so, so happy. This was so important to her, this project. 'She's been nominated before, and I just know that this would be the most important one of all.'



  1. Farrah was one hell of an actress and I really don't need any award giving body to prove that, most of her made for TV films were oustanding and most of all she loved doing them which I think is what matters most. If it made her happy and proud then no need for the Emmy's and other awards. She had made her stamp on TV and a lot of us admire and love her for that.I believe the number of people who admire,love and believe in her are more significant then all the awards put together. The Glenn Close and the Robert Duvall had a lot or respect and faith in Farrah and that's no mean feat at all.I trully miss her...elmer encinas

  2. Yes Steve what a very thourough nice place you have created.
    I hope you can soon add a few TV interviews, as I had the LAST 3 ON LETTERMAN, I have messed up my tame- TEARS- ANY ADVICE ?
    I still have the FUN LETTERMAN 97 INTERVIEW, But loved the collection, and it is incomplete.
    CAN YOU GUIDE ME- Again this is a fun site !
    Possibly you can open a store ?
    A new friend,


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