Tuesday, March 9, 2010



  1. I totally agree !!! This is an insult to Farrah!!! Some people in Hollywood seem to have some sort of resentment against her....May be they don't like strong and independent Ladies....Farrah was strong willed and not easy to manipulate!!! The Angel is gone....But the devils remain!!!

  2. It is very hurtful,Farrah has proven herself a competent actress but the Oscar's think otherwise. I feel sad for them for they don't know when to admit their mistakes and their reluctance to give Miss Fawcett her due recognition.I have stopped watching the Oscars and now I will stick to it in defiance to Farrah's omission in the tribute to stars who have passed away.GOD bless you Farrah for you have given a lot of us joy,entertainment and hope,this individual terribly misses you and your works...elmer

  3. The AMPAAS decision to omit Farrah in the "In Memoriam" montage is truly shameful and insensitive. Their shallow and condescending justification for this decision is even more despicable. I suggest that the AMPAAS take the proper lessons in Research, Humility and Damage Control so that they would give credit to whom it is due... The AMPAAS may have omitted Farrah, but her memory will forever remain in my heart and mind. - Marje PB


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