Sunday, March 21, 2010


Farrah Fawcett secretly planned to reunite with ex-husband Lee Majors on stage in Las Vegas in the final years before her death, has confirmed exclusively.

In a secret the Charlie's Angels star took to her grave, she and Majors, best known for his role in The Six Million Dollar Man, had agreed to end their two decades of estrangement in the most spectacular and public circumstance.Majors, through his management, confirmed to the pair had been booked to recreate A.R. Gurney's famous play Love Letters, a drama about two lovers who spend a lifetime trying to get together.

But Fawcett's cancer recurrence in May 2007 sidelined the project permanently.Majors' manager Denny Bond said the two, who married in 1973 and separated just six years later, had engaged he and Craig Nevius, the filmmaker now being sued by Fawcett's estate, to produce and direct the stage show.

"For a period of months Craig Nevius and I worked with several bookers for Lee Majors and Farrah Fawcett to go on the road with Love Letters," Bond told

"We had many discussions with Lee and Farrah and we had planned on a Las Vegas opening and doing a Los Angeles charity performance for her soon to be established cancer foundation as the kick-off to the tour," Bond added.Fawcett and Majors married at the height of their fame; she with Charlies Angels and he with The Six Million Dollar Man. After divorcing, Fawcett entered an on-again, off-again long-term relationship with Ryan O'Neal.

She didn't speak with Majors again until 2006, at the time she was diagnosed with anal cancer. He made contact with Fawcett, according to reports at the time of her death.

According to one source, when UCLA declared Fawcett cancer free, she was excited to go back to work."

She thought she could combine it with a quest to raise money for cancer research," the confidant told

The project would have utilized pictures and home movies of Fawcett and Majors through the years, added the source.

The last time Fawcett and Majors had worked together was in the pilot episode of his 80s series The Fall Guy, in which the actress made a cameo as herself.Nevius, who is embroiled in a bitter legal stoush with Fawcett's estate and is also suing her ex O'Neal, confirmed his involvement."

Love Letters was the perfect stage play for the two of them. Lee would have played a conservative, no-nonsense politician who had been in love with his childhood sweetheart for decades," explained Nevius."Farrah would have played his childhood sweetheart who grew up to be an eccentric, free-spirited artist.

In fact, we were planning on using Farrah’s real art in the production."Farrah had a lot of ideas. She was excited about the whole thing. So was Lee.
“I’m sorry the two of them never got to work together again. But I am glad Farrah and Lee re-connected, in real life. "That was important. I know it was to Farrah.”


  1. I wish they had gotten together again also. It is a shame that Farrah never got that chance. The two of them were a great couple.


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