Sunday, February 7, 2010

Farrah Fawcett Foundation Logo

No copyright infringement intended... beautifully done logo for the foundation above...

I've been looking over the new site for the foundation. Overall, I love the color choices, the symmetry and the flow of the site in it's beginning stages. I loathe "coming soon" or "under construction." I think Alana, because I think she is making the choices here, has parlayed Farrah's tastes (and that's one hundred percent presumption on my part) into a very nicely branded and tasteful design. I absolutely love the logo. It's a combination of angel wings (very appropriate) and shaped as a heart, though not quite connected. The curved lines going outwards convey movement... which is also inspiring and a great touch...

The underlying tone could be a heart/wing in conflict or trouble. Or fighting, the 'fight the fight' of cancer or other battles that the foundation is laying the ground work to assist in the battle there of.

There are some fundamental code omissions, but the site, is still being built. I won't comment on those but suffice is to say it's a great start and I for one, hope it's a huge success and helps make Farrah's passing and her own mantra "positivity is necessity" possible.

There has been so much press and so much negativity after Fawcett's passing that I've found myself battling with what should be posted here and what shouldn't. The bottom line is Fawcett was a force as an actor/actress and it's unfortunate that so many would malign her image with the negative instead of focusing on the good that can come from what she wanted and her message, "What are you fighting for?"

Couldn't that statement be applied to much of what is going on now?

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