Saturday, February 6, 2010

Announcement of Foundation and website

Alana Stewart was on Extra to remember Farrah's birthday and announce the launch of the foundation's website. Along with Stewart, the Advisory Board consists of Dr. Lawrence Piro, Dr. Ursula Jacob and Marianne Williamson. The Board Members are: Alana Stewart, President, Bernie Francis, Chairman of the Board/Treasurer, Shira Nachshon, Secretary and Kim Swartz, Director.

Stewart's statement on the site:
"It is my goal and commitment to carry out Farrah's wishes to the best of my ability. We spoke many times about the foundation and her vision for it, and hopefully I will be able to help that vision come to fruition, by aiding alternative research projects, and perhaps one day, find a cure for this dreadful disease."

The mission statement on the front of the site is titled, “Compassion Fills the Heart,” and states, “The Farrah Fawcett Foundation’s mission is to provide funding for alternative methods of cancer research, clinical trials, prevention, and awareness with an emphasis on anal and pediatric cancers. It is our compassion for those who suffer from this insidious disease that fuels our deep commitment and fills our hearts.”

The Foundation's Website address is:

The extra story link is below. Often times these links do not stay active long...

The Extra Story

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