Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fawcett Doll Re-paint by Noel Cruz

Okay, it's not very often that I'm impressed but this guy, WOW! This re-paint is phenomenal. What a talent!  Check out his web site.

Here's an extraction from his site:

"As an artist, I strive to always challenge myself and push the boundaries. My passion for hand painted miniature celebrity figures stems from my love of portraits, which has been my whole artistic arc since childhood. The satisfaction of not only the ability to recreate a person's likeness but to recreate it in lifelike 3D miniature form (i.e. dolls and action figures) is one that I consider immeasurable. Repaint is not your standard mainstream artistic arena, but I am extremely grateful that it has been gaining recognition for the last 10 years."

Repaint is a portrait taken to a whole other level.

One thing to note is his note: (Note: I am not in any way affiliated with the Mattel company) It's actually very unfortunate for Mattel that he isn't because he SHOULD be...


  1. The doll looks absolutely alive, one great talent with his heart into it. And thanks for choosing the Farrah doll to show your amazing talent,she was an artist ,too. She would have been proud and appreciative about this other artist's work...elmer

  2. Amazing. Matel should be begging him to work for them!


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