Tuesday, July 19, 2016


This is truly awful. What is wrong with people? Seriously.

I’m reading Leslie Jones’s twitter account. It’s unbelievable to me that this is what she is responding to, outright racist attacks from a lot of awful people. Jones is, in my opinion. a very funny lady. Love or hate Saturday Night Live (I chose to love it) Jones brings an energy and presence that defies you not to laugh with her. It is rare she breaks character in any skit. The only time I have seen her slip and crack was when Melissa McCarthy was hosting. She is so funny, her delivery her quips and her quick comebacks. In addition there is often a mischievous look, a knowing expression and you see the light in her eyes when a JOKE works and hits home! Her on going banter with Colin Jost is a high point every time SNL is on.. but, sadly, this is not what I am writing about. I’m writing this because I understand what it is like to be blind sided by an attack.
Leslie Jones

To still be able to breathe but feel as though someone has knocked the wind out of you. To be called a name that cuts you to the core. To be mocked and ridiculed into a defensive stance against people who don’t understand or even value what TRUTH or HONOR or MORALITY means. Forget a rational discussion or any kind of enlightenment.

Some people are so staunch in their own mire of hate and misunderstanding and idea of what IS that you can not crack them like a walnut. They have their own secrets and lives of damages and damage to continue to inflict. No doubt it’s meaningless whatever it is that they really do with their time and their pursuits of self. It would be hard to imagine that they pursue or achieve anything that isn’t self pleasuring or absorbing.

It’s a different kind of affliction these strange human like creatures who speak as you and I do but only ugliness comes out and they seem to happily suffer from and envelope themselves in it then they, in a hushed whisper or a maniacal type laugh, with a tilted head, as though they know what they are doing is shameful and disgusting and must be whispered as people with any kind of moral or good sense of self would correct them immediately, spew their venom.

How can someone so ugly and hate filled contribute much to anyone other than their own destruction? To tear down a stranger simply because they are in a movie or on tv and are experiencing their own happiness and success is pathetic and weak and meaningless.

What is the point? To hurt her? To inflict your sense of nothingness upon someone else? To achieve what? A self high five in the darkness of your limited trash existence? I don’t understand hate. I recognize it. I expect it.
I have learned to walk away, become quiet, and remove myself from situations where those around me are consumed by it. Sadly, it seems that those infected with racism have more rabid followers like themselves to huddle with and carve out their new domain and home in a rotted corpse of hatred. I can’t imagine them in homes, with heaters and Christmas trees, with hugs and families. Least of all I can not imagine them in a movie theater, watching a comedy and enjoying a heartfelt laugh.
I almost feel sorry for them.

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