Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lohan follows Fawcett's bunny ears

EVERYONE knows that Lindsay Lohan has form, but thanks to her new, lavish pictorial spread for Playboy, she can really show it off. Once again the big daddy of all men's magazines has come to the aid of an actress whose career is in a slump. Lohan, 24, reportedly earned $1 million from the Playboy shoot, reminiscent of the famous 1949 nude calendar spread of Marilyn Monroe by photographer Tom Kelley. The late actress appeared in the first edition of Playboy in 1953. Lohan could really use the money, which is why she probably agreed to the nude shoot in the first place.

Apart from Playboy, last week Lohan made another special guest appearance, this time in the Los Angeles Superior Court for a review of the first month of a court-ordered, five-month community service sentence at the city's morgue, where she must work at least 12 days a month. She also has to complete four therapy sessions. The good news is that this time she actually pleased the judge by being ahead of schedule on her stints. Trouble follows Lohan, however, with reports that she had $10,000 stolen from her handbag during a recent holiday in Hawaii. It's unclear why she felt the need to carry so much cash in the first place.

With her Playboy cover spread already leaked in the media, the magazine opted for an earlier release date for the January issue - it was on news stands last Friday. While there is a certain shock value in seeing the bisexual and faintly grungy Lohan with cherry red Marilyn Monroe lips and heavy, fake lashes, the spread does highlight her tiny frame. It's far too early to tell whether sales of the issue will outdo earlier stars' outings.

The original Charlie's Angels gal, the late Farrah Fawcett, refused to pose nude for Playboy throughout the 1970s and 1980s when she was at the height of her career, but caused a sensation when she posed nude in the December 1995 issue. The issue went on to become the bestseller of the 1990s, with more then four million copies sold worldwide.

When she was 50, Farrah Fawcett posed again for the July 1997 Playboy. It also became a bestseller.

Other names who have bared all in the magazine include Pamela Anderson (February 1999), Sharon Stone (December 1992), a very saucy Drew Barrymore (January 1995) and Australian stars Kym Wilson (April 1999) and Dannii Minogue (October 1995), who posed at the age of 23. Let's hopes that some of that Playboy magic works for Lindsay Lohan and reignites her acting career.

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