Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fawcett in Space

Fawcett in Saturn 3
Remember Farrah in Saturn 3? It wasn't a great movie but she did co-star with Kirk Douglas and  Harvel Keitel (Who was in The Piano with Oscar Winner Holly Hunter).  She was quoted in an interview that the story/film ended up being very different from the original script which was also titled, "The Helper." The Year: 1980. But she did look lovely. 

You can watch it here.

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  1. I believe this was the first big budget movie she starred in after Charlie's Angels. This was a good Science fiction story, but in those days it was hard to compete with movies like "Star wars"....But what attracted the fans was the love scene with Kirk Douglas, where one could have a glimpse of Farrah's bare breasts (fist time) I believe those few seconds were worth the entire movie, and certainly helped to it's success ! What a lucky man that Kirk Douglas !


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