Sunday, January 30, 2011

February Fawcett

February is the birth month of Farrah Fawcett (the 2nd) so as a tribute to her, her legacy my personal site will change periodically throughout the month of February with Fawcett as the featured persona. Fawcett touched the hearts and minds of millions with her televised NBC special (Farrah’s Story) about her battle with Cancer. Since her passing Alana Stewart (President) has been helming her foundation: The Farrah Fawcett Foundation whose web site is at:  and they are now on FaceBook at: I know they have done a Toy Drive this past holiday season and in November (November 29, 2010) they posted the following; We are very excited to announce the creation of The Farrah Fawcett Foundation Patient Assistance Fund at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. This fund directly helps patients who are in need financially while being treated for cancer at the center.

So for all of you who remember Fawcett and her battle or her performances as an actress take time this February to help others who are struggling with Cancer. Make a donation to The American Cancer Society or to The Farrah Fawcett foundation or find out, if you can volunteer at your local hospital or cancer center. Help make a difference this February. Every effort matters and can make a huge difference to someone battling their own fight.

MyFarrah ( is one of the busiest sites I've created and that's verified via a hidden counter that tells me where and when people look at it. As February is her birth month, the 2nd of February, this next month's cover will be graced by Farrah and many other images of Fawcett as well. You can see the pre-site page at

The seventies belonged to FAWCETT who shot to fame on Charlie’s Angels, graced MILLIONS of teenage bedroom doors and walls and whose smile lit up a world before internet, cell phones, VCRs and computers existed. Parlaying “jiggle-TV” into a respected actress in THE BURNING BED, EXTREMITIES, MARGARET BOURKE-WHITE, SMALL SACRIFICES, THE APOSTLE and other films and televised projects. FAWCETT proved she was more than just "Charlie's Angels" Jill Munroe. An advocate for THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Fawcett fought her own battle with cancer and lost but her brave and relentless fight once again captured the hearts of millions. FAWCETT may be gone but she’s far from forgotten.

Some of the other covers coming this February:

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