Sunday, January 9, 2011

February Fawcett | The MANE Event

For the February site (my web site) I know I want to do a cover/front that pays homage to Farrah Fawcett. Having grown up with the explosion that was the MANE event of the seventies, i.e. FAWCETT and having built a site in homage to her years ago (that site traffic encompasses countries all over the world on a daily basis) it’s only fitting that FEBRUARY (as her birth month) pay tribute to her. I had a great deal of fun creating the banners, specifically flipping her name backward so the two “f’s” line up. I’ve never seen that done before and it looks really cool… here are some of the banners I created with a play on that as well as the front, which will more than likely change before it’s debut.

  The Fawcett Front... so far...

The write up so far: The seventies belonged to FAWCETT who shot to fame on Charlie’s Angels, graced MILLIONS of teenage bedroom doors and walls and whose smile lit up a world before internet, cell phones, VCRs and computers existed. Parlaying “jiggle-TV” into a respected actress in THE BURNING BED, EXTREMITIES, MARGARET BOURKE-WHITE, SMALL SACRIFICES, THE APOSTLE and other films and televised projects FAWCETT proved she was more than just Jill Munroe. An advocate for THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Fawcett fought her own battle with cancer and lost but her brave and relentless fight once again captured the hearts of millions. FAWCETT may be gone but she’s far from forgotten.

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