Friday, May 29, 2009

Positivity is a necessity

When I think back, and I think about what it may be like to be really sick, I remember that in my Freshman year of college (at Hastings College) I contracted Encephalitis. Encephalitis literally means an inflammation of the brain, but it usually refers to brain inflammation caused by a virus. It's a rare disease that occurs in approximately 0.5 per 100,000 individuals. Flies can transmit the virus.

I was blindsided by extreme headaches and bright light was very painful. Light at all, really. Before my roommate took me home to my parents (My Dad’s a doctor and my Mom a nurse) I could barely function. Now, this was all new to me as I was a tri-athlete. I ran, swam and biked every day. I was healthy and ate healthy. So, to be suddenly struck down and sick was very daunting. I don’t really remember the week I stayed in the hospital. I had an extremely high fever and I was in and out of consciousness. What I thought was just a couple of days was literally a week.

I don’t remember the visitors. I do remember the spinal tap. That I remember. I remember not wanting all those people in the room as I was turned on my side and the procedure carried out.

So, I have to think that this is a time, when, as Farrah states, “Positivity is a necessity.” Not just in word, but in action. There was an article on-line this AM by Ted Anthony, entitled, “The Fame Paradox: Pay attention to me, on my terms.” However, in Fawcett’s case, her private medical records were sold to the National Enquirer and her fight, her second fight was disclosed without her permission. She hadn’t told her family, her friends or anyone else in order to expose those selling her medical information. Something Mr. Anthony doesn’t acknowledge. Medical records are PRIVATE.

So Fawcett’s second fight went public. Why shouldn’t she tell her story, her way? It’s going to be told by someone anyway, why not get your story out with your own narrative.

The real point here is: when one is sick and fighting to get better, you really don’t, or in my case, I didn’t want people around. I wanted my privacy. I wanted to get better. To do that, you have to focus on yourself. And those around you will blanket you with love and in some cases, keep you shielded from what goes on outside of you.

In this day and age of computers, cellular phones, digital cameras and everything being public; that kind of privacy is gone and non-existent.

I believe Farrah can re-bound. She has always proved everyone wrong, be it a critic or a co-star by her abilities. She definitely has the spirit and will of a fighter. No one can argue that if they’ve viewed “Farrah’s Fight,” and I think what’s really important here is her quality of life at this time. She needs peaceful and calm around here. She needs to be able to focus on herself and not the fighting that is swirling around her that has nothing to do with her well being and being well.

Put aside the pettiness. Put aside the fighting. She needs support not dissension.

Let Farrah “Fight her Fight.” In her own way, in her own time.
And oh yeah, so, how are you? What are you fighting for?

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