Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Postcards in the mail...

I sent out a huge batch of cards yesterday. Thank you to everyone who wrote a nice note. If you'd still like a card they are here. Just send a self addressed, stamped envelope, they will fit in a standard sized envelope... write "Please do not bend" on the envelope you send. Some people sent inserts. If you send an oversized envelope be sure to include the correct postage.


  1. Steve I received my postcard today and was really touched by your work and words. What a great tribute to a great lady. It speaks volumes that you chose to share this with her fans instead of selling on EBay! I am greatful.
    Philly, PA

  2. Steve, I received my postard last Friday and was really happy and gratefull you did did this or all of us Farrah fans. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Steve. I am goign to frame it along with my autographed picture I had gotten before she passed. Big hugs!

    Tampa, FL


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